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Let’s start at Point A.


We are a queer-owned and -managed art gallery, performance venue, and event space located on NW 39th Street in OKC, dedicated to providing an inclusive space for folks of all ages, stripes, and inclinations to come together and connect. Our gallery features hand-made crafts, fine art, prints, clothing, and designs from an eclectic mix of local artists, with a special emphasis on the creativity, joy, and expression of queer, trans, non-white, indigenous, disabled, and marginalized creators. We also host casual meetups, workshops, live music and comedy, drag and burlesque shows, and other events with a dedicated stage, lights, sound system, patio, and flexible spaces for getting dolled up, storing your gear, or dreaming up the next big idea.


So if you’re looking for some direction, shimmy down to Point A and we’ll help you map out your next destination. Whether connecting to queer history, plugging in with local organizations, or getting in touch with your wild side, at Point A you’ll find an environment where all are welcome to share their stories, cultivate relationships, and enjoy the nurturing power of community. 


We’re all going places, but everybody’s gotta start somewhere. Why not start at Point A?



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