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Meg Carlile


"I am a self taught visual artist and poet. I am an Oklahoma native who grew up and graduated from Mustang Oklahoma. I was heavily influenced and involved with religious pursuits growing up. After high school I attended a gap year program for young adults through the evangelical church in Atlanta Georgia. While attending I experienced emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse. I moved back to Oklahoma in 2011, and for the last decade I have been healing and deconstructing the indoctrination of the evangelical church. My religious background and experience has tediously impacted the artist I am today. Creating art would be the first step into my journey of dismantling harmful belief systems. I will most likely be deconstructing these beliefs for the rest of my life, but I have decided to pursue love and joy in all things I do as long as I exist. Which for me means, I must be able to hold an abundance of gratitude for all things that enter and exit my life. My work is inspired by my internal well of emotions that I feel in depth. I have learned to not resent my pain when it surfaces, but rather to feed it honey. This is how I heal; I believe in sharing that honey with those around me, endless spoonfuls of it. Giving humans the perspective that if we root ourselves in love we will see a more bright eyed version of ourselves, resulting in a healthier future for those to come. 


I paint. I write. I speak. I dance. I sing. I laugh. I cry. 

I share joy. 

I love, I love, I love, I love, I love. 



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